Bieber, new generation of children ‘technologically’ spoiled

People are quick to judge kids nowadays on how spoiled they are or how irresponsible some could be. Honestly, I’m a single of those people folks. Even so, right after reading about Justin Bieber and his rise to fame, I realize that as much as I care in regards to the future of our small children, I’m a lot more jealous of him than ever.

About two weeks ago, I read an article on that discussed recent results of a study, conducted at Tulane University in New Orleans, La., in regards to the effects of corporal punishment on kids. The review showed that youngsters who were spanked once they had been about 3 years aged — compared to kids that had been not spanked or rarely spanked — showed more aggression once they had been about 5 many years old.

The study’s researchers said they believed that “time-outs” ended up a far better solution when compared to spanking. That way, kids aren’t only punished but also have time to reflect on their actions.

This is all great except for the fact that I a time-out is bullshit, this research only increased my jealousy. I’m not an aggressive individual; I was not an aggressive child. However, I meet countless aggressive teens that have been spoiled as kids while I had to receive spankings each and every time I was bad.

Though I hated spankings, it not only instilled mere fear, it also showed that performing troublesome points — like interrupting elders when they speak — resulted in my palms getting a painful visit. So, for each of the issues I got spanked for, I rarely ever did them once more. But enough of the preaching, I wish an individual had revealed this review to my parents many years back. I would have faked the aggression.

Honestly, how does a single even punish kids these days? Nowadays, kids are not children. Have you ever seen the Miley Cyrus section in Wal-Mart? Most in the outfits sized for small girls make me — a sophomore in college — would like to blush.

Most kids adore Miley Cyrus; she is and idol to man tiny girls. Whatever she decides to release, her fans will want. The pop star can’t seem to dress her age, so it truly is no surprise that her outfits, sized for a 6-year-old, resembles something a 21-year-old would wear.

Nowadays you can find even crop tops made for small girls. Then, once again, who am I to hate? When I was their age, I always wished that my clothes looked like what I saw on older girls. However, I was showered with shirts that had pictures from the Bratz dolls and also the Ninja Turtles, pants with no shape and shoes that had tunes and a light show every single time I took a step. Individuals ended up the days.
My jealousy skyrocketed when I study that new teen sensation, Bieber, was discovered on YouTube at the age of 12. Prior to knowing this, it was sickening when I saw pre-teens on YouTube. There are 10-year-olds on-line with video blogs, singing in videos, dancing in videos and frivolous activities.

I’m not talking about videos like “David after Dentist” or “Charlie Bit My Finger,” simply because individuals are just blatantly funny.
But I wonder. Why does a 10-year-old have to tell the world about their day? “Hi, so I had class, then recess, oh, and lunch.”

It is dangerous when a kids puts themselves online at such an age. Some may not be aware from the sort of individuals that might be watching them. Then, again, Bieber did get famous because of You Tube.

The technologically spoiled youngsters of currently, ones that religiously listen to Miley Cyrus, must not simply get away with being spanked. They need to get away with the many scandalous outfits Cyrus offers them, the rubbish music that is released to their age group and the many actions they perform on the web. In addition, when you catch a child acting like an adult, keep in mind that your anger — like mine — may well be due to jealousy.     - Source

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