Bieber’s fan mail gets as far as grandma

STRATFORD, Ont. – Attention Justin Bieber fans: His grandparents are reading your mail.

As Bieber Fever hits pandemic proportions the teen sensation’s grandparents are trying to live quietly in Justin’s hometown of Stratford, Ont.

For the most part they’ve been successful, but some of the frenzied love from tween girls heaped on their grandson has found its way to their door.

Much has been produced in the singer’s humble beginnings in Stratford, although he’s now based out of Atlanta. Fans hoping to reach him send letters addressed to “Justin Bieber, Stratford.” In a bigger city, the letters would never get through the sorting method, but Stratford is little and those letters land in his grandparents’ mailbox a couple of times a month, mentioned Justin’s grandmother Diane, who preferred her last name not be used to retain the chaos at bay.

“If I sent mail somewhere else with no address on it I don’t believe it would get there,” she mentioned with a laugh.

The really like letters imploring her grandson to call, write or e-mail have come from all over the world including Germany and England.

“He’s a worldwide phenomenon and everybody in Stratford is aware of who he is,” explained Tom Creech, spokesperson for Canada Post. “In terms of proper addressing in situations like that there’s a bit of leeway.” Justin’s grandmother reads his mail because he’s away for long periods and it could possibly be some thing critical. Mostly though, the letters are full of “hugs and kisses.” “It’s really funny,” she said.

Justin’s meteoric rise to superstar status appropriate across the globe has been a surreal experience for his family.

The 16-year-old heartthrob was been named one of Folks magazine’s most beautiful persons on Wednesday.

To his grandparents, that only means the phone numbers and e-mail addresses decorated with hearts will keep coming.

When Justin celebrated his birthday March 1, his grandparents got calls from fans wanting to know if they could send presents to their house. The answer was no.

“I do not get bothered too badly,” Diane explained. “The odd 1 comes to the door searching for autographs but I have nothing to do with that. I’m just a grandma.”

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