Justin Bieber Forced To Cancel Gig

Justin Bieber has been forced to cancel a concert in Australia right after fans were injured inside the build-up to the show.

The Never Let You Go singer had been because of perform in Sydney yesterday but as a result of ‘mass scenes of hysteria’ the authorities ordered that the gig had to be cancelled.

According to reports, fans that had camped over night to see their idol ‘forced a crowd surge’ at 2am resulting in 10 girls needing assistance following they fainted.

Bieber who is currently in Oz promoting his US number 1 album, My World 2.0 later posted on his Twitter page: “With everything that happened 2day i want u all 2 know i care and U all rule and if i could thank every single 1 of u individually i would.”

The 16-year old also took the time to serenade a lucky fan on Saturday, wishing her a happy birthday.

He later tweeted: “Happy b’day to Prudence who we met nowadays by the beach. Glad we got to sing for u”

The One Time hit maker seems rather taken by the Aussie ladies previously tweeting: “Just arrived and I like Australia. I like the weather, the accents, the girls, the water, the excitement, the girls and – the girls”.

Lucky for them, the teen sensation recently admitted that he was still single.     - Source

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