Justin Bieber hat thieves want a hug

A Hamilton student who swiped Justin Bieber’s hat says she won’t give it back unless she gets a hug.

Emah Hira Matiu drove from Hamilton to catch a glimpse of Bieber and ended up coming away with a lot far more – his hat.

The 17-year-old hat thief said she grabbed it off his head when he arrived at Auckland Airport last night. She then ran out of the airport with her 16-year-old friend Beki Diamond previous to anyone could stop her.

“We just ran and ran and ran … previous to I died of exhaustion,” she proclaimed.

Police proclaimed Matiu could face a theft charge if Bieber laid a complaint.

“I don’t think there has been (a complaint) yet,” stated Waikato District police spokesman Andrew McAlley

The Hamilton Girls’ High College student explained she had spent most of nowadays trying to work out how to contact Bieber to arrange to give the hat back in exchange for a hug.

“Technically we should be at college. We tweeted at Justin, everything, just to let Justin know,” Matiu explained.

If he doesn’t reply, she proclaimed: “I’m gonna maintain it for ever and ever and at any time and actually.

“We pretty much stalked him.”

Bieber is in the country on a promotional visit and hysterical teens have been following the young singer’s every single move.

The singer gave a short concert at Strathallan School in Papakura today but the organisers proclaimed it was private, open only to the school’s 12 months 6 to year 13 students.

A public concert in Sydney was known as off by police who explained teenage fans were in danger of being crushed.     – Source

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