Justin Bieber Hopes To Influence Soccer Moms Like Michael Jackson Did

Justin Bieber recently sat down with MTV News’ Tim Kash to talk about his music, his fame and his fans. Somewhere along the way, the topic of soccer moms came up. As it turns out, he’s cool with soccer moms loving him, even if he doesn’t always get it.

“The moms of the kids are kind of like a little crazy, crazier,” he revealed. “They come by themselves without their daughters and they’re like ‘My daughter really wants a picture. Can I get a picture for my daughter?’”

And while Bieber is comfortable with taking a picture, he doesn’t really get why their daughters aren’t there to take it with him. “[It's] like ‘What?’ [It] kind of doesn’t make sense because your daughter’s not here,” he shared. “Why are you here, but daughter’s not here?”

Still, he takes the adoration in stride, and if it makes him a little bit more like one of his idols, then Bieber doesn’t have a problem with it.

“I don’t know. It’s strange to me, but it’s cool,” he said about the aforementioned soccer mom situation. “It’s like I’m not comparing myself to Michael Jackson, but Michael Jackson was able to be young and influence a wide variety of people. So that’s what I would want to be like.”


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