Justin Bieber Is NOT Too Cool For School — Will Attend Public High School Next Year!

He actually IS just a normal kid! The Biebster plans on hitting the books in Thousand Oaks, Calif. next fall!

If you’re a high school student reading this, plan on never wanting to skip class again! Why? Mainly because Justin Bieber may perhaps be heading to your high school…not to perform, but as a bonafied HS student!

If you haven’t filled out your Census report yet, good! The town of Thousand Oaks, Calif., wherever the 16-year-old singing sensation plans on obtaining his diploma, will probably be bombarded with a real estate boom like non other. HollyWire reports that THIS is wherever The Biebster wants to get his learning on.

We do have to say that we feel bad for the most popular guy in school, due to the fact you’re about to be replaced. No WAY will JB not win Prom King (and Homecoming King, come to think of it). Good luck to all you potential Prom Queens available, as well. We know Justin is looking, and he often said he’d date a fan…     - Source

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