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Justin Bieber Kissing A Boy (Pictures, Images?)

You will discover rumors popping up about the web and spreading like wild fire that Justin Bieber was kissing a boy! That’s right, you heard me… rumors are that Justin Bieber was kissing a boy.

A couple of bizarre twists to this story that makes me feel they are nothing but rumors, or completely blown out of proportion story lines:

1) You will find no images or pictures of Justin Bieber kissing a boy. With the insane amount of pictures and images of Justin Bieber about the web, then surely there would be a picture or image of Justin Bieber kissing a boy.

2) Why isn’t Justin Bieber’s name trending on Twitter right now? If this story was something far more than fabricated rumors, then wouldn’t you think that “Justin Bieber” would certainly be a trending story on Twitter? I would consider so.

So anyway, I’m calling “fabricated rumor” on this one, unless someone can create additional solid evidence.     - Source

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