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Bieber Falls Short at the Juno Awards

Despite the fact he was nominated for three different awards at the Junos—New Artist of the Year, Best Album of the Year and Best Pop Album of the Year—Justin Bieber walked away with no wins. For those that don’t know, the Juno Awards are the Grammys of Canada. It is incredibly serious if someone wins a Juno; therefore, him losing is obviously a blow to his continue success.

For both Best Album and Best Pop Album, Michael Buble beat Bieber. But, this isn’t saying much against Bieber. Buble had an incredible night at the Juno Awards, walking away with 4 of his 6 nominations, a feat that many musicians can’t possibly fathom. However, the biggest let down is his inability to win the New Artist of the Year award. It was firmly argued that he would be the victor of that, but in the end, Drake, a TV started turned rapper took that. If you all remember, Drake and Bieber have been in some sort of a competition for some time now, so this is obviously a little jab to Bieber.

Whether he won or not, though, isn’t as important as the fact that he was nominated. To be nominated for a Juno Award means that your album is one of the best, something we already knew about Bieber’s work. But, it definitely has to be a good feeling for Bieber to walk away with three nominations. Perhaps next year, when he has refined his skills even more, he might be able to get the Best Album and the Best Pop Album awards. If nothing else, he could show Michael Buble what it means to win.

In your opinion, though, should Bieber have won? Was he the one who created the best album or did Michael Buble really create an incredible album that Bieber, especially since he is still new, was unable to compete with? It’s obviously an issue that is being debated amongst entertainment fans.

Justin Bieber Fever Overtakes Canada

Justin Bieber may have come up empty-handed at the 2010 Juno Awards in Canada, but it wasn’t for lack of screaming. International superstarsMichael Bublé and Drake were the big winners at the annual celebration of the best in Canadian music, but it was the upstart pop star who provided a running theme throughout the awards show.

The Bieber phenomenon ruled everywhere from the red carpet, where girls scrawled “Marry Me Justin Bieber” on their tank-tops and hollered for hours on end, to rapper Classified’s show-opening performance, which included changing up his song ‘Oh Canada’ to rhyme Justin Bieber with the phrase “we love our beaver.” The Barenaked Ladiesjoked that Album of the Year winner Michael Bublé could finally “add to his many Junos and Grammysthe dubious honor of crushing the hopes and dreams of a child.”

Justin Bieber shut out at the Juno Awards; tween girls left numb with disbelief

Justin Bieber was shut out atCanada’s Juno Awards* on Sunday, an oversight that was most assuredly the subject of outraged buzz in seventh-grade homeroom this morning. Nevertheless, the “Baby” singer played a central role in the Juno telecast, according to PopEater: Rapper Classified changed up the lyrics to “Oh Canada” to make reference to the Bieb, Michael Buble and the Barenaked Ladies mentioned the teen sensation in acceptance speeches, and screaming young ladies lined the red carpet to shriek in Bieberly adoration.

Buble, meanwhile, won Junos for best album, best pop album, best single, and the fan choice award. Drake and K’naan also took home multiple trophies.

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