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Could Justin Have Been on Idol Himself?

We all know that Bieber was found by posting videos of him performing on YouTube and Scooter Braun happened across him and the rest is history. But, what would have happened if he had not been found on YouTube? What if the site had been down for a minute when Scooter was cruising through videos and he never saw Bieber? Would he still be here today?


With Bieber giving his voice over to the “Idol Gives Back” episode, one has to wonder if he ever considered auditioning for the show. He told reporters that he and his Mom used to watch the show [American Idol] and that he used to say, “I could get on there.” But, since the boy was found in another way, he never actually had the chance to do it. In his own words, “This [being discovered on YouTube] was faster.” But, it begs the question: Would he have won if he had been on American Idol?

That’s all speculative. He obviously would have gone far and most likely would have made a record, but the truth is, I don’t think I would have wanted to see him restricted like these American Idol stars are. By being an independent signed to a record label, he is able to do more of his own things and work the way he wants to work. But, if it’s a way of getting into the industry, I can understand him wanting to, especially if he hadn’t been discovered.

But, back to the question…I don’t know if he would have won. It’s possible, but then again, there is so much talent on the show and they tend to have an idea of what they’re looking for before the show even begins. So, they gear voices that they like toward it. Would Bieber have been that? Possibly, his voice is doing great things for Island. But, would he have been the winner?

I think, honest to God (as much as I love Bieber’s music) that he would have gone far, but might not have won. He would, though, have gotten a record deal because his voice is music and record capable. He can make CDs. He can make money. What do you think, though? Would he have won on American Idol if he hadn’t been found on YouTube?

Justin Bieber Sings for Idol

Justin Bieber, once again, is doing a great thing. First he performed as the opening singer for We Are the World 25 to try and raise money for Haiti. Now, he is going to be singing to help raise money for the “Idol Gives Back” event. The money that is raised from this event is split amongst numerous different charities both in the United States as well as in other parts of the world. It demonstrates that, despite the fact Bieber has gained considerable success, he appreciates and understands that we need to give back.

At least twenty five million people will be watching “Idol Gives Back” and there are wonders if they might be able to raise as much money as they have in the past. In 2007 and 08, they raised more than $140 million. However, they didn’t hold the event last year because of the recession and not wanting to take money from people who obviously needed it.

Bieber won’t be there in person, though. That is the only complaint I have heard from people. Instead of being there live to perform, he will record a segment and that will be played. I don’t really care if he is there or not. Well, I do…I love watching him perform live. But, that is irrelevant. The point I am trying to make is that he had to take time out of his day to make that recording. That is example enough of how he is honestly trying to do good things while he has a successful music career.

In an effort to raise even more money, there have been a few perks added to viewers. For example, people can bid to meet Simon Cowell—why they’d want to, though, is a different story. As of last Thursday, that had a bid of $18,600 just to meet him. Someone obviously has a little bit of a crush on him.

I wonder where Bieber is going to go next. He worked for Haiti; he is working for this Idol Give Back. What’s next?

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