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What’s the deal about this Justin Bieber / McDonalds thing?

Psh…Why Would Bieber Skip Out on Fans for McDonalds?

I understand that the news has to try and create scenarios so that people will buy their newspapers. It’s a really straight forward concept. But, there are some real problems when they make up stupid headlines like, “Bieber leaves fans waiting for an hour while he gets McDonalds.” That doesn’t make any sense for so many reasons?

First off, he’s not a big guy. So, it’s not like he needed an hour to eat five Big Macs. Secondly, have you seen America? There is a McDonalds every three miles. It’s not like his chauffer would have to drive far out of the way to get the McDonalds. Then add on the fact that there are things known as a drive thru. So, while the chauffer was driving, Bieber could have been in the back seat eating his food.

So, the concept that he was late by an hour because of McDonalds is ridiculous and his representative agrees. She released a statement denying that the singer was even late for the event. Bieber, though, couldn’t stop there. He had to release his own statement on his Twitter account. “It’s funny when I read things about myself that are just not true. Why would certain people take time out of their day to hate on a 16 year old? I have an idea for those people….let’s all be supportive of each other and proud of one another and hope for the best for your neighbor.”

Seriously, though, why would he skip out on fans for McDonalds? Yeah, I love McDonalds. Yeah, I like going from time to time. But, would I skip out on meeting adoring fans to get some? No, a Big Mac can wait. This is just a sorry attempt at the news releasing some headlines to capitalize on the fame and success of Justin Bieber.

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