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Bieber Reveals so Much in Upcoming Rolling Stone

According to the blog on Justin Bieber’s website, he was interviewed by a journalist for Rolling Stone and it will appear on newsstands April 29th. Getting interviewed by Rolling Stone is an incredible honor and, from the little sneak peak that is available on his website, he did it with such class.

I think the part that is so inspiring about the article is how he admits, whole heartedly, that he wasn’t able to go to concerts growing up because they were too expensive. He went to a Simple Plan concert, but other than that, they couldn’t afford it. Yet, he was able to pay for him and his Mom to go to Disney by spending the money he made when he would busk on the streets.

For those that don’t know, to busk means to perform in public with the hopes of gaining tips. For example, Bieber would sing songs such as “U Got it Bad” and “Give a Little Bit.” What should have been the obvious fact that he was going to be a success was that he would bring in $200 a day. He was making more than some full time workers. But, instead of hording the money, his Mom and him went to Disney.

Justin also goes into some detail about his cracking voice and how, despite the frustration of it, his “best vocal coach in the country” is helping him get through it. By lowering the keys of the songs he sings, he is more able to hit those notes.

All in all, it seems like it was a great interview. The peek that he provides on his website is only a page of the interview. I’m sure there are at least another two pages, but who knows? But it’s definitely an interview that offers even more insight into what Bieber is thinking and how he got to where he is today.

Don’t forget to grab the upcoming Rolling Stone magazine that hits shelves April 29th. Other than that, what do you think of the interview? Check it out here.

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