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Voice Troubles for Bieber

The one thing about Bieber’s music that has been so successful is that he has the ability to hit higher notes on his register. In other words, he can hit notes that are in higher octaves. These notes are a nice addition to his songs. However, a question that has gone through my mind as well as, I am sure, his record producer’s mind is what happens when he continues to go through puberty and his voice begins to deepen?

Apparently, that’s going on right now. According to him, his voice is cracking—something all men can remember occurring in their lives—and that is forcing him to relook at the songs that he performs live. He’s reported to have sat down with his voice coach to work through and see if there was a way to get those high notes hit without damaging his vocal chords or, if instead, they should go another route.

According to Bieber, “we have to lower the keys [of baby] when I sing live.” This is not an uncommon occurrence. He started and his voice was not ready to crack, but with all of his singing, it brought on the cracking. That’s natural and expected. However, the big question that this leaves people is: will he be able to continue being a success?

I don’t see why not. His albums are selling like mad. He can’t even hear himself sing in the monitors because the 75,000 fans he performs to are screaming so loud. He is reported to have asked his friends how he did and they replied, “I have no idea, all we heard was screaming.” So, people obviously love him.

But, more than that, he’s just damn good. His voice deepening up a bit or even becoming a little raspy won’t change his music too much. He might have to change the way he performs and might have to develop a new style, but we’ve heard him in numerous different styles. Remember, he sang a Stevie Wonder song for President Obama and he was part of the We Are the World 25 performance. So, he has the ability to adapt his voice.

What do you think, though? Are Justin’s voice troubles going to be the end to his career or will he just adapt and overcome? I know my opinion!

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