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Justin Bieber Allegedly Caught Kissing A Boy

Rumors about teen sensation Justin Bieber’s sexuality have bee rife since the 16 year old Canadian singer initial came to attention via Youtube.

To add to the how straight is Justin mystery, the web is buzzing today that there’s allegedly a picture of Justin Bieber kissing a boy during his trip to Australia.

We occur to sit within the Justin Bieber is gay camp, least on the balance of probabilities, not needless to say that there’s anything wrong with him being gay.

On the other hand the Justin Bieber kissing a boy story is really a fake, well so far as anyone having captured a picture of Bieber ramming his tongue down the throat of one of his male teen friend.     - Source

Justin Bieber Kissing A Boy (Pictures, Images?)

You will discover rumors popping up about the web and spreading like wild fire that Justin Bieber was kissing a boy! That’s right, you heard me… rumors are that Justin Bieber was kissing a boy.

A couple of bizarre twists to this story that makes me feel they are nothing but rumors, or completely blown out of proportion story lines:

1) You will find no images or pictures of Justin Bieber kissing a boy. With the insane amount of pictures and images of Justin Bieber about the web, then surely there would be a picture or image of Justin Bieber kissing a boy.

2) Why isn’t Justin Bieber’s name trending on Twitter right now? If this story was something far more than fabricated rumors, then wouldn’t you think that “Justin Bieber” would certainly be a trending story on Twitter? I would consider so.

So anyway, I’m calling “fabricated rumor” on this one, unless someone can create additional solid evidence.     - Source

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