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Shirtless photos of Justin Bieber on the beach in Barbados


Jusin Bieber – No Shirt Playing Football Pics

Justin Bieber uploaded a new video.

Justin Bieber uploaded a new video.

Justin Bieber uploaded a new video.

Are You Satisfied with Justin Bieber Tattoo Pictures?

( NewsBoll ) Are You Satisfied with Justin Bieber Tattoo? Justin Bieber Tattoo Photos : The pictures of the tattoo actually surfaced in April of this year, prompting questions of whether it was real. If the parlour pictures are real… it seems so. According to the photographic evidence, the tattoo is of a small bird in flight. And while Bieber’s reps had not commented on the matter at press time. The agency that supplied the photo said the inking took place in March.

The tattoo is part of a Bieber family tradition and that his dad, Jeremy Bieber, was alongside Justin when he got the ink at the Son of a Gun tattoo parlor in Toronto. The senior Bieber then “showed his approval by giving a thumbs-up when they posed for a photo with staff.”

In Canada, 16 year-olds can get a tattoo with parental consent. I can’t knock JB’s tattoo now that I know the reason behind it. I think it’s adorable. Here are some more pics of Justin’s ink and the midget himself performing at Wango Tango last Saturday.

Justin Bieber Kissing A Boy (Pictures, Images?)

You will discover rumors popping up about the web and spreading like wild fire that Justin Bieber was kissing a boy! That’s right, you heard me… rumors are that Justin Bieber was kissing a boy.

A couple of bizarre twists to this story that makes me feel they are nothing but rumors, or completely blown out of proportion story lines:

1) You will find no images or pictures of Justin Bieber kissing a boy. With the insane amount of pictures and images of Justin Bieber about the web, then surely there would be a picture or image of Justin Bieber kissing a boy.

2) Why isn’t Justin Bieber’s name trending on Twitter right now? If this story was something far more than fabricated rumors, then wouldn’t you think that “Justin Bieber” would certainly be a trending story on Twitter? I would consider so.

So anyway, I’m calling “fabricated rumor” on this one, unless someone can create additional solid evidence.     - Source

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