Russell Brand: ‘Heroin Would Weed Out Music Stars Like Justin Bieber’

Russell Brand has claimed that exposing young musicians to hard drugs would help strengthen the music industry.

The comedian and reformed drug addict said “teenyboppers” such as Justin Bieber wouldn’t be able to handle illegal substances like heroin.

“The top of the hit parade would look very different if teenyboppers were exposed to heroin,” he told Rolling Stone magazine.

“It would weed a lot of them out.”

He added: “I don’t think Justin Bieber could handle [the late Pink Floyd member and addict] Syd Barrett’s habit.”

Brand, who is engaged to pop star Katy Perry, compared his theory to Darwin’s law of natural selection.

“A lot of people in their journey to rehab overdose, and then, perhaps, we would be spared their awful music,” he said.

Perry recently joked on her Twitter that she and Brand could adopt 16-year-old Bieber.

In 2008, Brand was criticised when he joked that he had slept with actor Andrew Sachs’ daughter during a radio show.

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