When Will Justin Bieber Be Featured on ‘Glee’?

Glee has covered the biggest names in music this season, but Justin Bieber has yet to get any love from the hit Fox series. The Canadian pop star reigned at No. 1 for weeks before being pushed out with the No. 1 spot by the ‘Power of Madonna’ EP on Wednesday, so wouldn’t it make sense for the cast to cover a person of his songs on their show?

Not truly, says Matthew Morrison. In an interview with E! Online, the actor, who plays Mr. Schuester, admits he doesn’t have Bieber fever. “I don’t get this Bieber thing,” he says. “I truly do not get it. I hear he was in Australia and they kicked him out mainly because he started a riot. I haven’t even heard his music. I couldn’t tell you one name of his songs — and I’m not lying about that!”

Co-star Kevin McHale knows exactly who Justin is, but he’s not so sure the 16-year-old singer would make room in his schedule to appear on the musical series. “Uh, [Bieber] seems busy,” Kevin says. “I don’t know if he has the time.”

Well, at least a single member from the Glee cast is supportive of Justin. Cory Monteith is all for the idea, saying: “I think it would be fun. What’s wrong with just a little Bieb? Everyone needs to be just a little infected by the Biebonic plague.”

We agree. ‘Baby,’ ‘Eenie Meenie’ or ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ are great covers that could fit into the story lines of the display, and since Justin is in fact of high school age, he’d be a ideal guest star. What do you consider?     – Source

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